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Ultrafast Laser Pulses Could Achieve Nanoscale 3D Printing In recent years, 5000mw green laser 3D printing technology rapid warming on a global scale, where in the metal 3D printing becoming more common in industrial applications. At the same time, the domestic metal 3D printing technology has long been concerned about. Back in 1998, the surplus will be founder Cape is the first in the United States and Germany to introduce the most advanced 3D printing technology and equipment. 1999 Xiaolan Productivity Promotion Center was established, surplus Pu entrepreneurial team took the lead in, and successfully established the largest 3D printing, rapid prototyping, CNC machining, mold processing service platform. "3D laser nanolithography, the polarization effect is mainly used to fine-tune the structure of the photosensitive resin forming process feature sizes." Scientists say in the paper.According to the scientists, he said that the key is how to change the direction of linear polarization time between the 3000mw laser pointer power and beam scanning / object provides a fixed conversion rate conditions. If implemented, it will bring precision nanoscale. As shown below, when the region has changed while retaining the same depth, the aspect ratio of the polymerization feature size modulation capability is enabled, but without beam forming technology or a phase mask. In constant irradiance and laser direct writing direction (perpendicular, parallel, circular) polymerization characteristics change under conditions relevant to different polarization directions caused. Its voxel (Voxel) size and aspect polarization control adjustments at the nanoscale than through."In the green laser pointer process, the impact of the beam polarization direction on the conductive and dielectric target entity has been thoroughly studied." The researchers said in their paper. "Including the polarization of the laser-matter interaction with scalar parameters of influence, such as absorption and ionization coefficient and rate." Laser Research Center at the University of scientists are studying how a more effective way 3D printing. However, the method of their study involved far beyond the current stacking type approach. By using ultrafast burning laser pointers pulses based on the nonlinear interaction of light with matter, they are trying to boost 3D printing technology.The scientists said their study will lead to greater future of 3D printing, even unmatched flexibility and versatility, and may be used for a wide range of new materials. In addition, the application will be telecommunications, electronics, lab on a chip-based devices, tissue engineering (Lab-on-chip) technology in the field of impact. But the researchers noted that although this technique in the laboratory were more feasible, but in reality, if the prototype device can be converted to run day and night of industrial assembly line, but it is extremely expensive. Polarization effects, the impact on the resolution of the direct coupling of laser thermal gradient conditions polarization writes: In this study, the researchers based 3D modeling and experimental in-depth analysis revealed through.Scientists can use with 3D printing (or without) the photon polarization correction stack timber structure to display their findings. : : : : polo ralph lauren pas cher
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Bonjour et bienvenue sur mon blog ! J'ai créé ce site pour partager ma passion des trains. PS : les photos présentées sur ce blog ne sont pas libres de droits. Veuillez me contacter pour utilisation. : : : : : : Nuclear Receptor
The role of thyroid hormone(T3)in chondrocytes and osteoblasts to control bone development and maintenance,but the signaling pathways that regulate these functions is not clear.Recently,Imperial College London,UK,Graham R.Williams,who found that mutation of the thyroid hormone receptor(TRβPV)can activate Wnt signaling in bone in the body,and to clarify the interaction between T3 and Wnt signaling pathway during bone development.Related papers published in the March 22,"Resident Weekly"(Journal of Biological Chemistry). The dominant negative mutant T3 receptors(TRβPV)can not be combined with the T3 to interfere with the function of wild-type TR,ThrbPV/the PV mouse pituitary thyroid axis is severely damaged,and elevated levels of thyroid hormones.ThrbPV/PV mice through an unknown mechanism to accelerate bone development.The researchers used microarray from the wild-type mice and ThrbPV/PV mice osteoblasts.Confirmed by in situ hybridization analysis of skeletal Wnt target gene expression ThrbPV/PV mice in the post-natal growth period activation of Wnt signaling.In contrast,T3 treatment can inhibit osteoblasts Wnt signaling,suggesting that T3 by promoting proteasomal degradation ofβ-catenin,preventing its accumulation in the nucleus,thereby inhibiting the Wnt signaling pathway.The in ThrbPV/PV mice,however,the Wnt signaling pathway is activated,stabilizedβ-catenin due to the function TRβPV. This study illustrates the interaction between T3 and Wnt signaling pathways in regulating bone development and formation.
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